What can we offer you?

There are several options for corporate videos:

  • Corporate film: A corporate film can tell the story and philosophy of the company and present its goals and vision.
  • Product video: A video that introduces a product or service is a great way to demonstrate its benefits and features.
  • Employee video: An employee video can show the commitment and passion of employees and introduce the work environment.
  • Image film: An image film can strengthen the corporate image and increase brand awareness.
  • Customer or case study video: Such a video shows successful customer projects or case studies and illustrates the added value that the company offers its customers.
CANsmooth TV Advertising Shooting Corporate Video

Here are the steps we will take together:

  • Concept Creativity: We will sit down and develop the concept for your video.
    Do you already have an idea or a precise concept? Great, then we can write you a quote right away and discuss the details in a personal meeting.
  • Shooting preparation: We select the perfect locations, cast the roles, take care of a team of specialists and prepare the technical equipment.
  • Shooting action: We shoot the scenes that are specified in the concept and ensure a first-class result.
  • Postproduction: We edit the footage, add sound and color, and provide a .
  • Feedback: We review your video and collect feedback to make sure it meets your expectations.
Livestreaming in 1160 Vienna in the boxquadrat studio.

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