Cooperation partner

Maria Malta


Production: boxquadrat
Product photography: Philipp Schulz
Productvideos: Jakob Grill & Lauren Klocker


June – July 2022


The Berlin-based company “Maria Malta” has created a special product with its Malt Drink: a non-alcoholic, vegan drink with no added sugar that also contains only organic ingredients and even uses sustainable materials for its label! And how is the taste? You’ll have to see for yourself!

For the product presentation of the drink, we created both product photos and product videos: Again, our in-house product boxes were used to design an exciting set around the bottles.

[dsgvo_vimeo videoid=”734302097″ thumbnail=”true”]


While the goal with the product photos was to create a clean look for the website and use as a crop, the videos also serve to tell a story around the drink: For example, close-ups showcase details & benefits of the product, and the changing environment of the bottle simulates proximity to nature. (This storytelling is supported by an artificial sound design that offers sonic insight into what occasions Maria Malta can be enjoyed).