Film production workstation with an iMac and a laptop in the boxquadrat studio


In the pre-production phase we dedicate ourselves to the creation of your production concept. Depending on whether the film production is planned for advertising, product video, social media content or other, we will advise you on the implementation of the idea and assist you with advice on image design, storytelling and acting. We take care of the organization of the required film locations as well as the casting of the actors and put together an individual team for the realization of the project.

Filmproduktion boxquadrat - Fotografie von Philipp Schulz für Tyromotion


Depending on the desired video or film and the defined concept, we produce film material directly in our own boxquadrat film studio or outside at any other desired location. We are available with our experience and equipment for the realization of a wide variety of media products.

Film productions offered include:
– Commercial
– Image film
– Product video
– Music video
– Documentary
– Making Of Film
– Social Media Content
– Livestreaming

boxquadrat - Post Production Vienna


In post-production we dedicate ourselves to the post-processing of your footage. On request, we also process material from other production facilities after preview.
In this production phase we offer film & video editing, as well as with the color grading also the color adjustment of the images. If subtitling or dubbing is desired, we can also implement this according to international standards.

We offer the following services in film post-production:
– Film editing
– Colourgrading
– Subtitling

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