Production: boxquadrat
Photography: Philipp Schulz
Camera & Edit: Lauren Klocker
Audio & Sound Design: Felix Kirsch


September 2022

Social Media Campaign

MERKUR Insurance is the second largest and oldest insurance company in Austria. The focus of its range of services is on all areas of insurance relating to human well-being, with the aim of providing a meaningful supplement to the state health-care system. These include health insurance, accident insurance and life insurance.

In summer 2022, we produced photos and videos for a Merkur Insurance social media campaign to raise awareness about preventive screenings.
For the campaign via social media, a longer portrait video and short social media clips, in various formats, were produced. The videos tell the story of Wiola, who was diagnosed with black skin cancer in 2021. Thanks to a screening, it was detected early.
In addition to the videos, photos were also created for the campaign.