boxquadrat - Underwater Composing by Philipp Schulz

Editing / Photoshop


You want to give your photos the perfect look, but can’t find your way around the various post-production programs? In a one-on-one Photoshop or Lightroom class, we will focus on the basics of the programs or advanced techniques, depending on your level of knowledge. This includes cropping & masking, beauty retouching as well as the creation of individual looks and elaborate composings. Price incl. VAT

Photography & Lighting


You take pictures yourself, but you don’t quite understand the interaction of ISO, aperture and exposure time? In private lessons, we will focus on handling your camera in manual mode, image composition and lighting the set. Depending on your interests, we are also happy to devote ourselves to a special topic of photography such as portrait or product photography, studio photography or shooting on location. Price incl. VAT