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Image generation with artificial intelligence is often carried out using special programs or platforms based on neural networks. A popular example is the use of bots on Discord that enable AI-based image generation. First, a dedicated Discord server is set up on which the bot is installed. The working environment of Discord is explored in order to make optimal use of the functionalities for image generation.

Various tools and websites that integrate AI technology are recommended for the actual image creation.It is important to learn the prompt input and the structure of the queries in order to achieve targeted image results.The desired image target can be defined more precisely by adjusting the prompts. Choosing the right mid-journey version also plays a decisive role.


boxquadrat Studio
Brunnengasse 17 – 1160 Vienna
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23.03.2024 – 11.00-18.00
Mathias Kniepeiss
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What to expect

Image creation with artificial intelligence via Discord offers a versatile and creative working environment. By setting up their own server and bots, users can utilize useful tools and websites to create and enhance images. Midjourney enables effortless experimentation with different artistic styles and enhances learning for artists of all levels. The stimuli generated can spark new ideas and accelerate creative processes by opening up new avenues of inspiration. In addition, Midjourney offers options for controlling image style, upscaling images and tips for further processing.

Examples of use

Ideas and concepts can be visualized with AI-supported work. They can be used to create backgrounds for photo shoots and to design creative advertising campaigns. AI can also offer you added value when creating images and storytelling on social media platforms. AI can therefore be used in many areas of visual communication.

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