The Young Generation of the SPÖ Vienna




August – October 2020

For the Vienna & District election campaign of the Young Generation of the SPÖ, in October 2020, video material was created, which will be used primarily on the various social media and as online advertisements. The focus was on the claim “Together we are Vienna” and the communication of social democratic values, as well as the call for cohesion throughout Vienna.
Footage of all districts of Vienna was integrated into the video production in order to offer each electoral district an object with recognition value and space for personal identification. In addition to the sound on set, voice overs were also produced in the studio, which are used in combination with a calm sound design to provide explanations.
A total of five thematically different videos were created, focusing on the communication of party content and presentation of the top candidate. In post-production, three different formats were created for each video to best cover the areas of use.