Sound Logo: Lauren Klocker & Felix Kirsch
Video Production: Lauren Klocker
Audio Production: Felix Kirsch


May – June 2021

The Young Generation of the SPÖ takes care of the needs and concerns of all 18-38 year olds throughout Austria. In cooperation between the different federal states but also individually between the different districts in Vienna, concepts for a contemporary and progressive coexistence are developed.

For the presentation of these concepts, eight short videos including an animated sound logo were developed for the Young Generation in May 2021. The videos were shot by Lauren and Felix in the boxquadrat film studio and animated in post-production as well as accompanied by a sound design to draw attention to certain focal points.
The sound logo created especially for the party is intended to convey the values of sustainability and environmental awareness with its movement and soundtrack.

The videos were published online over the course of several weeks and are used on the Young Generation social media platforms and as online advertisements. The videos were edited in different formats for the individual application purposes.