Tyromotion Advanced Rehabilitation Technology


Film concept


August – September 2020

For a comprehensive advertising campaign of the company Tyromotion, photo and video material was created in this multimedia production. The team of 13 people brought two new TyroAnimals to life after a month and a half of preparation and 14 hours of shooting:

The Jaguar represents strength and the ability to regain it through rehabilitation with the company’s products. The chameleon embodies the versatility of rehabilitation equipment and how precisely it can be adapted to the needs of patients.
In a complex post-processing phase, the animals were cut out, their colors were adjusted and their movements were accompanied by a sound design, as well as being adapted for display on various platforms.

Tyromotion, TyroAnimal Jaguar
Tyromotion, TyroAnimal Chameleon

Tyromotion is one of the leading manufacturers of technological rehabilitation aids and its products are aimed at improving the well-being of people in the long term. The advertising campaign is used in the international arena.
The project won two Gold Awards at One Eyeland Photo, for concept and implementation.

The Team

Concept & Photography: Mathias Kniepeiss
Postproduktion, Lghting & MakingOf Photography: Philipp Schulz
Film concept, Camera & Editing: Lauren Klocker
Camera & Lighting: Jakob Grill
Sounddesign: Felix Kirsch
Bodypainting: Johannes Stötter
Studio: boxquadrat

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