Silvio Lenglachner aka NEW WELLNESS releases his album “Lexicon of Untold Stories” at the end of March.
To shoot the video for one of his singles, he visited us at Boxquadrat, where he could give free rein to his creative ideas.

While he self-deprecatingly provides instructions on how to produce a modern hit in the video, he almost prophetically sings directly about the everyday problems of Generation Y: “I’m pretty young for a kid my age / Stuck in a job for minimum wage / I’m gonna skip all the things he says / I want my life the new fashioned way.”

Jakob produced the video together with the artist and played the role of the DOP during the shooting. In addition to his part in the production, other members of the boxquadrat team also make an appearance in the music video – now it’s time to take a look and find out who all appears in it!


Produced by New Wellness
Camera: Jakob Grill
Wohnzimmer Records 2020