Production: boxquadrat
Livestream: Jakob Grill & Christian Fichtner
Sound engineer: Felix Kirsch
Video & Photo documentation: Lauren Klocker


July 2022


In its global cultural format, the Mahler Forum is dedicated to reappraising the artistic work of Gustav Mahler and the people who accompanied him in his creative work. With the involvement of the audience, a creative thinking space is created in which the big questions of existence can be addressed.
On July 1 & 2, the second Mahler Forum for Music and Society took place in Klagenfurt & Maiernigg. This dealt with the artistic retreat as a millennia-old cultural technique to promote inspiration & creativity.

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The two-day event was supervised by our team within the framework of on-site technology. In addition, the livestream of the program, from the Gustav Mahler Privatuniversität and the Mahler Komponierhäuschen, was also implemented by boxquadrat.
The Mahler Forum was also accompanied photographically in order to offer a review of the past event on the website of the organizer.
The livestream is still available retroactively via Youtube, and the resulting video footage has been edited into a more compact version of the program.