JUST A LITTLE is a spoken-word short film dedicated to issues that rarely find a place in our society today. Dark thoughts and traumas are gladly pushed aside in public, because “positivity” is simply much better seen. But what to do when you have nothing left but to face your own self, including all its dark facets?
The film offers the space for thoughts in which life and death can equally be part of the journey.

The concept of the short film was developed by Lena Rose Ruziczka, Hanna GruberandLauren Klocker. Lauren also acted as DOP on the production and was responsible for editing.

JUST A LITTLE has been awarded at several international festivals; among others, the film won the award for “Best Women Short” at the “LA Independent Shorts Award”. At the “New York International Film Awards” it won the “Best Under 5 Minutes Film” Award.

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Concept & Production – Lena Rose, Hanna Gruber & Lauren Klocker
Cast – Lena Rose, Hanna Gruber, Lukas Rose
Text – Lena Rose
DOP – Lauren Klocker
Director – Hanna Gruber
Edit – Lauren Klocker
Filmscore & Audio Edit – Hanna Gruber
Make-Up & Styling – Franziska Giulietta
Setphotography – Philipp Schulz
Choreografy – Lukas Rose
Graphicdesign – Katharina Lorenz
Studio – boxquadrat