The narrative short film Hysterical Sisters by Chiara Schreder is about raising awareness, destigmatizing and de-tabooing the two chronic diseases adenomyosis & endometriosis.

These two diseases are portrayed by two sisters who make the everyday life of the sufferers unbearable. The two sisters are portrayed by the actresses Christina Laas-Smulik and Janine Hickl.

The short film was realized in collaboration with the entire boxquadrat team:
Lauren Klocker took on the role of DOP in the production of the short film and was responsible for image design & scenic resolution. Jakob Grill served as First AC on the set, Felix Kirsch dubbed the film in post-production and did the final sound mix. Philipp Schulz accompanied the entire production as Behind the Scenes photographer and created photo content for the online presentation of the project on website and social media.

The realization of Hysterical Sisters was financed with the help of a crowd-funding campaign on the online platform

The virtual premiere of the narrative short film took place on December 18, 2021, as part of a moderated program with informative discussion sessions, to which experts in diagnostics & therapy of the two diseases were also invited.


Director & Screenplay: Chiara Schreder
DOP: Lauren Klocker
Production: Sabine Tatzgern & Sarah Baysal
1 AD: Verena Graf
Script/Continuity: Floeria Mayer
Set AL: Stella Hofstadler
1 AC: Jakob Grill , Mikhail Evstratov
2 AC: Tobias Gstaltner
Lighting: Maximilian Hofko, Adam El Hamalawi
Best Girl: Sina Lang
Gaffer: Pia Möstl, Florian Juterschnig
Choreography: Maartje Pasman
Set Design: Valerie Kremshuber
Assistant Set Design: Marlies Moser
Costume: Sophie Lenglachner
Set sound: Elias Beranek, Agnes Simak
PAs: Lisa Sutterlüty, Martin Ulbrich, Gilbert Lehn, Sander Mudde, Laura Hofmann
Crowdfunding: Lisa Lina Aigner
Marketing Consulting: Martin
Marketing Assistenz: Adele Helfrich
Sound Design: Felix Kirsch
Edit: Lucy Fox
Behind The Scenes Video: Patricia Gebel
Set Photography: Philipp Schulz


Adeno – Christina Laas-Smulik
Endo – Janine Hickl
Narrator – Joanna Godwin-Seidl
Flo – Nathalie Kinard
Elli – Lydia Uroko
Ava – Maartje Pasman
Boyfriend – Alex Schauer
Tom – Ivo Wehinger
Alex – Jona Moro
TCM-Doctor – Florian-Raphael Schwarz
Giulia – Cecilia Kukua
Ella – Pippa Galli
Doctor – Stefanie Elias
Assistant Doctor – Adam El-Hamalawi