For his latest shoot, Philipp transformed our studio into an art studio. Self-made canvases, paint pots and brushes with blue paint gave a unique character to our whitebox in the photo studio. The picturesque backdrop was used for two different shoots: an editorial and a portrait shoot.
The blue accents in the background provide a colorful contrast to the worn clothing and thus enhance the effect of the photo model.

This shoot featured model and dancer Janine Hickl, who presented herself in a variety of clothing and makeup for the different subjects.

Make-up artist Anna Herzig was responsible for the make-up of the model. Her work consisted on the one hand of the classic work to enhance the complexion, on the other hand she was also responsible for the creation of the special color accents on the model. The goal of the make-up was to create an exciting combination of creative use of color without losing skin details.

In the final image processing, Philipp focused on intensifying the lighting mood, adjusting the color intensity and enhancing the images as best as possible using beauty retouching. The final images are optimized for use in magazines in both online and print form.