Interior photography: Philipp Schulz


December 2021 – January 2022

Adventure Rooms is an international franchise from Switzerland that now has locations in Australia, Canada, England and many other countries worldwide. One of the largest locations in Europe is the Adventure Room Dresden, which was built in the middle of Dresden Airport. On almost 1000 square metres, the creators have created four different Escape Rooms, all of which are connected to the theme of travel. Currently, you can choose the USA, Italy, France and, most recently, Germany as your destination, where an elaborate and unique Escape Game with local flair from the respective place awaits you.

Philipp visited the Escape Room “Airlines” at its location at Dresden Airport and photographed its premises. This included both the lounge area and the respective rooms of the individual puzzle games. It was a particularly exciting challenge to photograph the authentic interior without giving away too much of the puzzles! The edited photos will be used for the fresh online presence of “Adventure Rooms Dresden – Airlines”, they will be used on the social media platforms and their new website.