Markus Popp


Concept: Lauren Klocker
Videoproduction: Lauren Klocker & Jakob Grill
Sound Produktion: Felix Kirsch
Making-Of Photography: Philipp Schulz


April – June 2021

Markus Popp is one of the rising stars in the pop sky of the domestic music industry. At the age of 14, the young artist was already writing his own songs, and to date he has composed over 100 titles. After releasing his first EP and a few singles in recent years, he is currently working on his debut album.

For the presentation of his new music Markus Popp visited the boxquadrat film studio. Together with Lauren he has worked out a video concept in which four live sessions will be created in which he will perform not only his own songs but also titles that have accompanied him on his musical journey. In April 2021, these live sessions were filmed – the entire boxquadrat team was involved in the implementation.

In addition to the performance videos, announcement videos and teasers were produced to market the live sessions on the artist’s social channels. The first two live sessions, in which Markus interprets songs by other artists, were uploaded to the video platform YouTube in July and August 2021. The other two live sessions of his own songs will be released as part of his album presentation next year.