The Viennese folk-rock band “Blinded by Stardust” around songwriter Lukas Cioni is no ordinary band. In their endeavor to combine several art forms, they create film and art performances in addition to music. For their music videos they were awarded the Austrian International Film Award and nominated for international prizes. With Follow the Sun, they want to put an end to the dreary mood of everyday life and add color to life again.

The music video was realized in September 2018, with Lauren Klocker as director and DOP. The whole thing was shot in a studio of an old Viennese factory building. The video shows a painter painting a large canvas, the canvas is to represent the band. The result is a color frenzy of the artist, who covers the canvas and thus also the band more and more with color. “Blinded by Stardust becomes a painted work of art,” Cioni says of the video.

The Team

Producer I Blinded by Stardust
Head Production I Director I Lauren Klocker
Assistant Director I Sarah Baysal
Production Manager I Unit Manager I Natalia Brezwan I Burkhard Riedl
1st Production Assistant I Agnes Simak

Lead Role I Christian Holzmann
Blinded by Stardust I Lukas Cioni I Simon Hosemann I Corina Laimer I Felix Kirsch

Director Of Photography I Lauren Klocker
Second Camera I Bianca Thür
1st Assistant Camera I Valentin Bernauer
Gaffer I Key Grip I Max Wallner I Daniel Leskowschek
Set Runner I Catering I Mariel Bualong I Lisa Miskovic
Make Up Artist I Corinna Spitznagl

PHOTOS I Philipp Schulz

Editor I Lauren Klocker I Sarah Baysal I Agnes Simak
Assistant I Blinded by Stardust
Colorist I Grade I Jakob Grill

Felix Kirsch

Follow The Sun I Blinded by Stardust
Produced / Arranged by Blinded by Stardust
Recorded / Mixed / Mastered by Michael Wolff (MelonFM)
© 2018 Lindo Records

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