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As a media agency, we not only work independently in the individual areas of film, photo and sound, but also offer you special deals, across the boundaries of a media product.

This includes comprehensive image campaigns, for which image videos, product videos as well as product photos are created. We create content for your social media content plan to support your company’s media presence at all levels. For musicians, we also create custom production plans, with the inclusion of band photos and teaser videos to give the release of their music productions more reach.

Interview at boxquadrat Filmstudio


The collaboration of our specialists within a production opens up new possibilities in project implementation: We can combine the production of several media products and create a more coherent overall effect. Artists & musicians benefit here, for example, from band photos or studio videos documenting their recording process or performance live and thus have access to an additional medium to reach their audience via the various channels.

We offer the following, and many other full service packages:
– Image campaign for companies
– Product presentation with photo content and video content
– Social media campaign
– Live music production with studio video
– Music marketing campaign with music production, music video, band photos, etc.

boxquadrat - Post Production Vienna


The close cooperation of our team also has some advantages in the post-production of the media products: the desired products follow a uniform style and define a clear line in the brand communication of your company. Stylistic elements such as claims, special colors of the corporate identity or textures are incorporated into product photos & product videos, for example. Videos can also be enhanced by implementing an individual sound logo.

Even after the project has been implemented, we will continue to support you in an advisory capacity. For the release of your music production and related media products such as band photos, music videos or teaser videos, we offer support up to the pressing of your CD or vinyl so that your music can reach its maximum audience.

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